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2015 Container Garden Contest–THE WINNERS!

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Grand Prize  ($75.00 cash and a blue ribbon)

1)  Ms. Wertheim, 2nd grade, Claxton

cc5Ms. Wertheim's

2)  Ms. Hillier, 3rd grade, Vance


3)  Ms. Locke, 4th grade, Claxton


1st Place  ($50.00 cash and a red ribbon)

1)  Ms. Hawes, 1st grade, Vance

2)  Ms. Phillips, 1st grade, Vance

3)  Ms. Morris, 2nd grade, Claxton

2nd Place  ($25.00 cash and a green ribbon)

1)  Mr. Davis, (3-way tie) 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade, Hominy Valley

2)  Ms. Dudley, Kindergarten, Claxton

3)  Ms. Bruet, Kindergarten, Avery’s Creek

Honorable Mention (yellow ribbon)

1)  Ms. Costello, 1st grade, Vance

2)  Ms. Naisang, 3-5th grade, Fairview

3)  Ms. Webb, 2 and 4th grade, Candler

Asheville Citizen Times reports the event:  Read article here:

2015 Elementary School Project Asheville Citizen Times


About The Contest

Over 20 K-5 classes or school clubs in Buncombe County schools and Asheville city schools  participated in the 2015 Container Garden Contest sponsored by the Men’s Garden Club of Asheville.

Entries were judged on their creativity, amount of student effort involved, overall display and eye appeal, and young people’s presentation of the project to the judges.  Cash prizes and ribbons were awarded to classes and clubs that received Grand Prize, First Prize, Second prize or honorable mention rankings.

Containers were any object that were portable, held soil and living plants, and provided a good growing space for plants and contained flowering plants, cactus, vines and vegetables.

If you are an elementary school principal or teacher and wish your class(s) to participate in this exciting and educational contest, please email the program coordinator Edward W. Heidel III at heideled@yahoo.com


Grand prize–Blue Ribbon and a $75.00 cash award

First Prize–Red Ribbon and a $50.00 cash award

Second Prize–Yellow Ribbon and a $25.00 cash award

Honorable Mention–White ribbon


Past Winners:

      2014 Container Garden Winners

Grand Prizes/Blue Ribbon:

Haw Creek Elementary School, Grade 1, Asheville
(Denise Kopf)
Garden of the Mind

Jones Elementary School, Asheville
(Vicki Hall)
A Succulent Garden

Avery Creek Elementary School, 3rd Grade, Asheville
(Kelly Hillier)
A Beneficial Insect’s Garden

First Prize/Red Ribbon:

Vance Elementary School, 1st Grade Asheville,

Johnston Elementary School, Grade 1, Asheville
(Mr. Powell)

Glen Arden Elementary, First Grade, Arden
(Ms. Altman)

Second Prize/Yellow ribbon

Vance Elementary School, Kindergarten class, Asheville (Ms. Hale)

Claxton Elementary School, 3rd Grade, Asheville(Ms.Cureton)

Hominy Valley Elementary School, First Grade (Ms. Delgraco)
Honorable Mention

Ms. Levy’s Garden Club at Leicester Elementary School

Ms. Mc Knight’s class at Fairview Elementary School

Ms. Naisang’s class at Fairview Elementary School


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