History–the Beginning

Men’s Garden Club of Asheville 75 th Power Point

Above is the 75 Anniversary Power Point presentation viewed by members who attended the December 5, 2015 holiday luncheon at the Renaissance Hotel in Asheville, NC.

Brief History of the Men’s Garden Club of Asheville.

The Mens Garden Club of Asheville began on November 14, 1939 in the Sun Dial Room of the Vanderbilt Hotel. Bill Krause, a local florist, had seen an advertisement in The Florist Review magazine for the Men’s Garden Clubs of America. Since he liked this idea of starting a garden club in Asheville, he asked for the opinion of four people who had gathered at that time to discuss the situation. Those Ashevillians were Dr. C.N.Brifton, Dr. C.W.Kutscher, Dr. Westbrook Murphy and B. Ordway. All agreed to the formation of such a club and on January 2, 1940 the first meeting took place at the same hotel with 23 present.   Read the history document prepared by Historian Milford Shaver below.








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